MeldisMeldis — кельтская арфа в России



Meldis was founded by Anastasiya Papisova, the first Celtic (Irish) harp performer in Russia. It’is a band of three, a Celtic harp, a guitar, and percussions which plays contemporary folk.

Meldis music is a blend of delicate poetry and vibrant energy. Light and pure sound and fascinating melodies carry you across the ages, and unique silver voice brings to life magical tales and Celtic legends. In addition, Meldis artists easily combine ancient traditions of singing and songwriting with modern global rock trends. They don’t use standard rock'n'roll rhythm section (bass guitar and drum set) , which makes their songs truly captivating. These are the songs for dreaming, as well as dancing.



In Meldis’s music Celtic harp – a rare musical instrument in Russia – doesn’t merely add an exotic flavouring to the band’s sound; instead (and this is what makes the band unique) , the harp is actively used on par with other instruments to create overall musical canvas containing equal shares of rock and folk, drive and romantics.


  • 03.12.2018 00:10:22
  • In August 2018, Anastasia Papisova performed a solo program in the official program of the Festival Interceltique de Lorient!   Read more..

  • 25.06.2017 23:31:26
  • Anastasiya Papisova gave an interview to the French online magazine HarpesMag.   Read more..

  • 20.02.2016 18:41:48
  • 24.02.2016. (Wednesday) Meldis takes part in a live radio show Zhivye (Alive) at Svoe Radio. The show starts at 8 pm.   Read more..

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