MeldisMeldis — кельтская арфа в России


  • 05.03.2013
  • April 5th, 7 pm. Meldis presents its new album Facets of the Worlds in the Central House of Journalists!

    The album consists of various musical layers that interact with each other. Elements of Celtic and medieval tunes, neo-folk, original songs, jazz and blues are interlaced in the album. The music reminds a gust of fresh wind. It’s hard to give it a single definition: it dances on the edge between the worlds that arelinked with an ancient musical instrument – the harp.

    The album contains amazing magical songs dedicated to eternal topics: life that goes on, bursting feelings, ancient myths, departure and joy of return. The album was recorded with such musical instruments, as Celtic harp, the key musical instrument of Celtic myths, acoustic guitar, various percussions, violin, flutes and hurdy-gurdy. This is both exiting and very, very beautiful!

    The following guest artists contributed to the recording: Andrey Surotdinov (Aquarium) , Sergei Kalugin, Alexey Burkov, Yurii Ruslanov, Andrey Bayramov (Los Gaiteros de Moscu, Blind Harper, Pfeyffer и т.д.) , Victor Livanov (Melomel, Blind Harper и т.д.) , Mihail Rusinov (Dolum Dreame, Pfeyffer, Avis Dei) , Alexey Pytskii.

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