MeldisMeldis — кельтская арфа в России


  • 02.11.2011 18:12:59
  • On November 5thMeldis will be the special guests of the largest international convent for fans of sci-fi, Tolkienand role plays in Russia –Zilantkon.   Read more..

  • 12.10.2011 14:44:08
  • On October 15thMeldis will take part in the All-Russian fantasy festival. The participants will be able to spend the whole day in a fascinating fantasy and fairy tale world. Everyone will find an activity to their liking!   Read more..

  • 01.09.2011 18:01:46
  • On September 4th from 10.05 pm to 11 pm listen to Meldis performing live at Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda   Read more..

  • 11.04.2011 16:03:34
  • At 4 pm on April 16th Meldis will take part in a live show at Folk Radio   Read more..

  • 24.03.2011 15:27:21
  • At 9.40 pm on April 7thMeldis will give an online concert at Live TV   Read more..

  • 31.08.2010 13:21:25
  • At 7 pm on September 19th, 2010Meldis will present its new album, «Misletoe Flower», at B2 Club.   Read more..

  • 24.06.2010 15:04:20
  • In June 2010 Anastasiya performed solo at folk festival on Arran island, Scotland.   Read more..

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