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Interview for Russian musical site “Rapid Response Team”.

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In July 2019 Anastasia Papisova gave an interview to the “Rapid Response Team”, a website about modern culture and music. She spoke about the new album of the Meldis band “The Binding” and modern show business in general.

Presentation of new album “The Binding”

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Meldis presents its new album «The Binding» on the 26th of January at the​ CC DOM! The concert starts at 7.30 pm.

The binding…​ Binding of a book full of fascinating stories, legends and fairy tales, tales of love, hard​ choices and risky adventures. Facts​ and fables. For each song in the new album is a​ story in itself, a story that becomes real… but only​ while it​ lasts.​ Magical Celtic ornaments are intertwining on the cover of the famous Book of Kells; people are dancing at Breton fest-noz, their shadows intertwining and covering the ground; intertwined fingers and strings of Celtic harp…​ Meldis invites you to a new journey​ — an intense, fascinating journey that carries you away like a bright​ mesmerizing dance! Reach Scottish heathland, travel across the sea to Breton lighthouses, climb​ mountain ranges of the proud Basque Country, enter an Italian fair on a baking-hot day, stand still at the icy sound of an​ echo amidst​ Russian forests, hear ancient dwarf prophecy about the return of the king​ under the mountain…

The following artists took part​ in the recording of the album:

Sergey Klevenskiy (whistles and bagpipe)
Kirill Rossolimo (percussion)
Yuriy Ruslanov (vocals)
Yang Kurzanov (double bass)
and others

The concert will take place in a warm atmosphere of CC DOM, located 4 minutes away from Novokuznetskaya metro station.

Show on Festival Interceltique de Lorient

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In August 2018, Anastasia Papisova performed a solo program in the official program of the Festival Interceltique de Lorient. The performance took place on the stage «Jardin des arts et des Luthiers».

Interview for French online magazine HarpesMag

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Anastasiya Papisova gave an interview to the French online magazine HarpesMag. In March 2017 a well-known French online magazine published an interview with Anastasiya Papisova, Meldis’s lead vocalist. Anastasiya told the history of her fascination with Celtic harp and how she learnt to play it. She also spoke about her musical accomplishments.

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